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All-encompassing thermoforming machines

At Rajoo-Wonderpack, they’re constantly developing advanced thermoforming systems to meet latest market trends  

In 2009, Indian film and sheet extrusion specialist, Rajoo Engineers, joined forces with Wonderpack Industries, a ‘coming together’ that allowed both them to synergise and enhance technology levels, resulting in a globally-respected world-class sheet extrusion and thermoforming company.  

Founded in 1986, Wonderpack’s focus is on the development and manufacture of thermoforming machines for thin- and thick-wall applications, plastics packaging and compact sheet line extrusion machinery. Today Rajoo-Wonderpack offers a wide range of thermoforming machines to more than 50 countries, including India, Russia, the US, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  

Manufacturing in India, the company provides standard and tailor-made systems including sheet extrusion with in-line thermoforming, thermoforming with in-line cutting and stacking, automatic roll-fed inline trim-in-place thermoforming, special-purpose thickwalled vacuum forming, and continuous thermoforming for thick-wall applications.  

Addressing market needs

According to Jinesh Shah of Rajoo Engineers, a number of market trends are currently driving product development. ‘Thin-walled thermoforming, vacuum and MAP packing of thermoformable barrier sheet/film and PET sheet thermoforming continue to show good growth,’ he states. ‘Notably, Wonderpack’s two- to fourstation forming machine with punching are mainly used for PET fruit and vegetable packaging.’

Importantly, Rajoo-Wonderpack caters for all industry players, offering small thermoforming machines with single-station forming and cutting-type systems that are popular for disposable container businesses, to multiple machine formats with low mould costs and modest capital investment.

‘Promoting our established products is our ongoing focus, as well as introducing affordable, high-speed machines with multiple stations and stacking features,’ explains Jinesh. ‘Our R&D team is working on various developments, including thermoforming machines and stacking solutions for low-weight articles. We’ll unveil several original machine designs at K2013.

Meantime, customers in South Africa can receive expert advice and service on Rajoo-Wonderpack’s large product range from our local representative, Technimac. Headed by Gerhart Mischinger, Technimac has cemented a solid presence for Rajoo-Wonderpack in southern Africa, based on its unswerving service and market knowledge,’ he concludes.


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