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Flexographic Technical Association of South

The Flexographic Technical Association of South Africa (FTASA) has as its sole purpose the task of increasing the technical knowledge and skills of persons involved in the flexo industry. It also ensures that there are adequate opportunities for its members and other companies involved in the flexo industry to share knowledge and to have their staff trained to acknowledged standards. To this end the Association works very closely with the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa as well as the Flexographic Technical Association in the US, UK and Germany to ensure that training continues. The Association is also committed to presenting regular seminars, workshops and forums where both local and overseas experts are able to present papers of a technical nature.

FoodStuff SA

FOODStuff SA mirrors and reports on local and global trends and developments of pertinence to all food and beverage industrialists, whether in technical, operational, R&D, marketing, sales or general management. It aims to please a broad readership, from food scientist to secretary, brand manager to MD. FOODStuff SA’s weekly newsletter and website have great content: topical, provocative, insightful, wise, witty and always interesting.

Gold Pack Awards

The Institute of Packaging (SA)’s Gold Pack Awards programme is a prestigious event in the South African packaging industry calendar that promotes innovation within the industry and gives development teams the opportunity to put their best solutions on show.

Institute of Packaging South Africa

The Institute of Packaging (SA) (IPSA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of the art and science of packaging in South Africa and represents the interests of its members in South Africa.This is achieved by means of our national educational programmes, and through frequent contact with our members by way of monthly meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences and social events held in our five regions throughout South Africa. IPSA also maintains close ties with overseas organisations of a similar nature and is a full member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). IPSA’s immediate past national chairman is presently president of the WPO.

Packaging SA (formerly Packaging Council of SA)

Packaging SA is the new name for PACSA (Packaging Council of South Africa), a name that better describes its role of providing industry representation and leadership on major industry issues – especially those affecting more than one member or industry group and requiring strong industry representation. Packaging SA actively promotes the benefits of packaging with the primary focus on environmental issues.

Closely associated with the Institute of Packaging SA, Packaging SA is a voluntary industry body with three membership categories – converters, associates and affiliates.

Converter members represent some 70% of the revenue generated by the industry. Associates are major raw material suppliers and af?liates are customers and major recyclers.


PETCO was established in December 2004 with the specific objective of promoting and improving the waste management and recycling of post consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) products on behalf of all stakeholders in the PET industry in South Africa. An early initiative was the creation of SAPR (South African Polyester Recyclers). Stakeholders, led by Coca-Cola, then decided on a more broadly based approach covering educational issues, partnerships with role-players beyond the industry, the fostering of strong PET collection streams and a widening of the recycling effort by including other recyclers in the national strategy. PETCO is headed by a board made up of representatives of Coca-Cola, the bottlers, resin manufacturers and converters.

Plastics Federation

The Plastics Federation represents the Plastics Industry of South Africa. The Federation members represent all sectors of the SA Plastics Industry including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers and recyclers. The plastics chain in South Africa employs over 40 000 people and is defined as a priority sector by Government. The combined turnover of the industry is some R35-billion per annum and consumption is approx 1,5-million ton per annum. The Federation provides industry training and drives the Plastics Industry Environmental initiative. It operates from three centres: Its Head Office in Midrand, Gauteng, and the two regional centres located in Pinetown, KZN, and in Cape Town.

Plastics Institute of Southern Africa

The Plastics Institute of Southern Africa (PISA) has a number of aims and objectives, some of which include advancing the standards and methods of education in the fields of plastics, high polymers and related subjects, to promote development of the art, science and technologies of these subjects and to encourage research in their development and application. It also aims to source, provide or manage scholarships, prizes and training grants, to award certificates, to organise courses of study and to form and maintain libraries and other educational media relating to plastics, high polymers and allied subjects.

Polystyrene Packaging Council

The PSPC was formed in February 2007, based on the need for the polystyrene industry to actively demonstrate its commitment to the environment (through collection and recycling) and the safety and health of polystyrene food packaging users. Polystyrene as an Industry sector contributes significantly to job creation, economic growth, employment and convenience living and that is supported by a well structured environmental obligation in ensuring that all eco responsibilities are met and addressed in the proper way. The Council is acutely aware that especially expanded polystyrene (‘the white stuff’) can be a serious environmental nuisance and intends to build on the existing collection and recycling efforts that work well with consumer goods packaging. The council also endeavors to educate the market regarding littering and the appropriate ways of recycling polystyrene. The same applies to rigid polystyrene packaging.

Printing Craftsman’s Association

The Printing Craftsmans Association (PCA) is a voluntary organisation for those engaged in the graphic arts or its allied industries to share their knowledge and skill for the benefit of all.

Printing SA

Printing SA is a brand of the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC (PIFSA), a trade organisation that represents the needs and interests of its members throughout Southern Africa. Its members consist of both manufacturers of printed materials in various forms and suppliers to the printing industry. Assistance to members is provided on a wide spectrum of matters from assistance with internal staff queries to dealing with government and various other institutions and organisations in terms of legislation and training requirements, to ensure the promotion of the interests of Printing SA’s members and the printing industry at large. PIFSA has recently celebrated its 100th year of service to its members and the printing industry.

SA Association for Food Science & Technology

SAAFoST is the Association for Food Scientists, Technologists and other Professionals serving the food and allied industries in South Africa. The organisation provides its members with valuable networking and knowledge-sharing events and publications. SAAFoST promotes education and professionalism as well as an appropriate legislative structure in the industry.