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Masterbatch SA celebrates 25 years of excellence in the plastics industry

Founded in 1998, MBSA set out with a clear vision: to provide the highest quality masterbatch solutions to plastic industries in the region. Over the past quarter-century, the company has not only realised this vision, but has also thrived in a constantly changing environment. 

Anthony van Niekerk, managing director of MBSA, expresses his immense pride and appreciation for the company’s success, crediting it to the dedicated employees, loyal customers and trusted suppliers who have been instrumental along the way.

He emphasises that MBSA’s employees, with their unwavering dedication and hard work, have been the driving force behind the company’s achievements. 

Export sales director Brian Jensen echoes this sentiment by highlighting MBSA’s commitment to quality, reliability and efficient service. He underlines how these qualities have enabled the company to endure and thrive. 

Phil Johnson, sales director, expresses gratitude towards the company’s loyal customers, saying that customer feedback has been invaluable in refining its offerings to meet evolving needs. ‘MBSA pledges to continue delivering top-notch masterbatch solutions that empower customer products and businesses, promising many more years of collaboration and growth,’ adds Anthony.

MBSA also recognises the importance of its network of reliable suppliers. Anthony thanks them for consistent quality, timely deliveries and steady support. ‘Looking ahead, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie in the next chapter of our journey. We’re determined to stay at the forefront of the masterbatch industry by providing industry-leading products and ensuring customer satisfaction,’ he comments.

In the world of plastics, masterbatch plays a vital role in adding colour, effects and performance enhancements to plastic products. MBSA offers an extensive range of masterbatch solutions, including additives like anti-block, antioxidants, anti-static and flame retardants.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident through the highest industry standards it holds, including ISO 9001; 14001; 22000 and 45001 certifications for quality, environmental responsibility, food safety and health and safety management systems. Moreover, MBSA actively employs traceability in its quality assurance systems, ensuring that every product can be tracked, from ingredients to the finished product, through electronic data management. Its orange product label contains all relevant information, enabling effective product recognition and batch traceability, right down to individual bag identification and resolution.

As Masterbatch SA celebrates 25 years of excellence, it stands as a shining example of dedication and innovation in the South African plastics industry, poised to continue its journey of success and growth.