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Paragon, Phoseon partner to promote UV LED technology

In a presentation entitled ‘Developments in UV – Innovative Solutions’, delivered to the African Innovations Conference, Amanda Jones, Paragon Inks’ sales director, and Amit Rothschild Phoseon Technology’s account manager, announced a recently-concluded co-operation agreement between their two companies.

‘This relationship means that our companies are now working together as a team to provide a complete supply chain solution for OEMs and printers alike,’ Amanda explains. ‘Broadly speaking, Paragon supplies UV inks, while Phoseon supplies the hardware to it.’

Last month’s edition provided an in-depth feature on UV LED, in which – among other things – both companies’ roles were emphasised, with a particular focus on their pioneering activities in the field (PPM April 2015, pp32-40).

While most consumers are unfamiliar with UV-curing technology, they are surrounded by resulting products. Every time they type on a keyboard, reach for a cereal box, use a credit card or read a magazine they’re touching printed matter that, increasingly, has been produced using UV-cured inks.

Against this backdrop of the growing use of UV inks, Phoseon Technology has been in the forefront of the growing use of LEDs for UV curing applications using the polymerisation process to dry inks, coatings, adhesives and other UV-sensitive materials.

Leading the advancement of sophisticated LED-based curing systems with a wide product portfolio – serving OEM and end-user markets worldwide – Phoseon believes its LED technology can be extended in many forms to allow entirely new applications, to increase productivity, improve workplace safety and minimise adverse environmental impacts when compared to incumbent technologies.

Phoseon’s R&D team has extensive knowledge in the development of UV LED systems and the capability to design and build leading-edge products to meet the industry’s technical demands. With over 200 patents and trademarks, Phoseon has earned a worldwide reputation for innovation, quality and reliability. In addition, the company is now ISO certified.

Top quality and maximum speed

UV LED curing systems allow printing of high-quality materials at maximum speeds. For label printing, for instance, it shows measurable advances in productivity, lower energy usage, reduced heat load for thinner substrates, and clear environmental benefits. Being a solid-state device, UV LED offers instant on/off with no warm-up time and, without ozone creation, there’s no need for air ducts or ventilation. All of this combined results in savings of up to 70% on electricity, the company claims.

For increased speed in flexo printing, Phoseon’s FirePower line’s intense UV output (up to 20W/cm2) paired with UV LED flexo inks have achieved record speeds. Additionally, the low heat output of the FirePower enables new applications such as heat-sensitive materials, unsupported films and thinner substrates.

Since 2002, Phoseon Technology has been pioneering the use of LED technology for UV curing applications in printing, coatings, and adhesives; and with this 100% focus on LED technology, provides worldwide sales and support capabilities.

And now, thanks to the co-operation agreement with Paragon Inks these two companies – both with global reach – can march forward taking UV LED technology into an ever-expanding market.

As printers worldwide fast become part of the LED revolution, Paragon has worked closely with key OEMs, co-suppliers and printers to bring its next-generation energy-curable ink and coating systems to market.

‘We see UV LED inks and coatings as the next rung on the technology ladder,’ asserts Amanda Jones. ‘These products not only offer printers and converters considerable cost savings but also the flexibility of being able to print on both supported and unsupported materials using UV LED curing.’

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