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This month’s cover story

100% BETTER! This is Maverick Flexible’s motto as the company heads into the future as a forerunner in cleaner, greener and safer flexible packaging.

From humble beginnings in 2005, Maverick Flexible has grown in leaps and bounds and now specialises in the supply of blown film, as well as high-barrier eight-colour flexo-printed and thermally laminated films, meeting the changing demands of flexible packaging converters and brand owners – typically those involved in liquid and dry food packaging for stand-up pouches and form-fill-seal applications.

In addition, with Maverick’s environmentally-friendly thermal lamination process using no solvents or chemicals, there’s no danger of migration of solvents and chemicals into the food being packed.   

Complementing Maverick Flexible’s extensive packaging industry expertise, an on-site laboratory allows testing for oxygen transmission, interply bond and COF, a facility that plays a key role in new product development and continuous improvement.   

But, above all, a highly-skilled and dedicated team offers many years’ experience and unparalleled understanding of the flexible packaging industry.   

Who knows what to expect next from this until-now hidden gem?

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