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Konita – value in platemaking

Since 2005, The Graphics Warehouse (TGW), part of the Peters Papers Group, has been working hard to educate commercial printers about Konita’s printing plate technologies and prepress chemicals.

These efforts have earned Konita a solid reputation, and the company is now extending its offering with a range of high-precision, value-added CtP platesetters, specifically the T-400 and T-800 models.

To signal the company’s commitment to growth in the region, Konita MD, Morgan Zhang, and Maggie Tai, sales and marketing manager for Konita Southern Africa, recently hosted a customer presentation at the Peters Papers head office in Cleveland, Johannesburg.

Peters Papers CEO, Lyle Sadler, thanked guests for their ongoing support and commitment to the many leading international brands his company represents in southern Africa.

Since 2006, guests learned, Konita has completed over 1 400 installations of its tried-and-tested T-400 and T-800 series machines worldwide.

Konita’s plate products have been well-received in southern Africa and, according to Glen Schwartz, TGW’s sales and marketing executive, there’s abundant opportunity to build on existing success.

‘It’s very important to partner our customers in the trenches, to understand their individual needs and respond to them accordingly, and I think we’ve done this very successfully with Konita,’ Glen declared. ‘These products are competitive and good value and are produced to the highest quality and precision. I was extremely impressed by the manufacturing expertise and set-up when I visited Konita’s manufacturing headquarters in China.’

According to Morgan Zhang, South Africa forms a critical part of Konita’s growth strategy. ‘The partnership with Peters Papers and The Graphics Warehouse has never been stronger and we’re confident it will continue to flourish,’ he remarked. ‘We’ve already achieved huge global market success with our CtP machines, aligning with numerous partners in Europe, South America, Chile and Turkey, to name just a few. We’re more than ready for the southern African market and 100% dedicated to a long-term partnership with all market players,’ he added.

Reliability and versatility

Konita may be a Chinese brand name but what sets it apart are key components, such as the drum, head screw and laser head, all produced by renowned and reliable global suppliers.

Top features on the T-400 and T-800 include dynamic auto focusing, laser beam balancing, drum auto balancing and DDS frequency, graphic calibration, thermostatic laser control, ceramic drum and plate clamping. Each model is a compact easy-to-use, cost-effective system.

The T-400 is a small-size device available in semi-automatic and automatic versions with single cassette, capable of processing 16 or 22 plates/hour up to 800mm x 646mm, while its larger sister can run out 29 plates/hour and plate sizes up to 1 130mm x 884mm.

Both can be upgraded with automated plate loading and unloading, allowing prompt plate preparation while another is being exposed. A bulk plate chamber capable of holding up to 200 plates can be added.

‘The Konita T-400 and T-800 CtP platesetters offer fully-automated, efficient and consistent plate exposure, with the minimum operation required,’ states Glen. ‘They’re perfectly suited to the South African printing industry, for large and small enterprises, and Konita’s globally-tested technology speaks for itself. We’re confident that  the local printing fraternity will recognise The Graphics Warehouse  as a reliable and knowledgeable one-stop supplier of top-class plates and CtP processors, with the technical support and know-how and parts warranty expected of a globally-renowned company.’


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