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Raising the bar at Shereno

Shereno Printers adds to its impressive print armoury with the latest Scodix1200 UV digital embossing press – a first in South Africa – and a Duplo DPB-500 PUR binder, both supplied by Kemtek.

SINCE 1966, Shereno Printers, based in Boksburg and Pretoria, has enforced the highest design and printing standards and service excellence to ensure its customers’ receive extraordinary printed and finished products.

Shereno’s impressive head office in Boksburg boasts a line-up of global-standard lithographic and digital printing equipment and Shereno continues to invest in leading technology to improve its product offering and retain a competitive edge. Shereno’s latest acquisition (and a first in South Africa) is the all-new Scodix1200 UV digital embossing press.

The Scodix1200 is designed to powerfully enrich print with an embossing effect that provides an extra dimension and texture to images and words. Launched at the IPEX (International Printing Exhibition) in the UK in 2010, the Scodix1200 was tipped as the star of the show by industry pundits. Rather than the expensive or unpredictable two-stage processes of UV/embossing and thermography, it uses a single stage inkjet process to apply ‘Scodink’, a proprietary UV-curable clear ink.

It was while visiting IPEX that Niran and Kamal Singh, co-owners of Shereno Printers, ‘stumbled’ on the Scodix1200, with its effortless embossing capabilities. ‘When we saw the Scodix in action we knew we had to have it,’ confirms Niran. ‘It’s perfect for our business and very compatible with our HP Indigo digital press formats. The advanced embossing technology really brings a print to life and, being a modular system, we believe the creative opportunities with the Scodix1200 will be endless.’
Gloss or matt digital embossing can be produced with the Scodix1200 on printed media with a thick varnish up to 70µm, to create a raised image without the material ‘running’ or losing definition. Its easy-to-use digital interface supports Variable Data Embossing (VDE) for personalised applications such as greeting cards, business cards, invitations and stationery. Scodix1200 stores all image data digitally from a PC, works with PDF and Tiff files in a variety of formats, including B2 and A3 (up to 500 x 700mm), accepts a wide selection of substrates (135-500g/m2) and is ideal for short, medium and long runs.

According to Gavin van Rensburg, CEO of Kemtek Print Solutions, Scodink, considered the key to the success of the Scodix solution, is more than just a lacquer or varnish: ‘Scodink provides excellent results directly applied over offset and digital print. It’s a special material that can achieve a 99% gloss unit level with variable height and texture in a single pass, that’s pretty special.’

Kamal Singh supports Gavin’s view and considers the Scodix1200’s extra ‘feel factor’ an impressive differentiation. ‘When we produce a 3D image on the Scodix1200 we’re engaging the customer’s sense of touch. It adds a new dimension to a print by turning it into an experience. It’s an important, special element that we can offer,’ explains Kamal.  
The Scodix1200’s automated process is far less time-consuming than previous embossing methods and the 3D image on the front page stands out without indenting the reverse, rendering it still printable. Shereno can also produce a single sample or small quantity order for customers’, offering them a financially viable solution, with a swift turnaround time.

According to Scodix, the Scodix1200 is a digital solution for an increasingly digital world.

Fast, efficient finishing
Completing Shereno’s digital line-up is a new Duplo DPB-500 PUR binder, also purchased from Kemtek.
Duplo has added a PUR version to its fully automatic, single clamp DPB-500 perfect binder, making it efficient for binding books printed on digital and coated stocks. It can be automatically programmed to accommodate a range of specifications including book thickness, side gluing and scoring, cover guides and press position.

The Nordson PUR gluing system provides a high pull-strength ensuring each page is firmly bound and can be opened flat without any risk of page separation.
The closed-tank system is considered to offer huge cost and productivity benefits compared to open-tank systems. It doesn’t require draining after each session, which incurs wasted material and downtime. Just like Duplo’s standard-adhesive DPB-500 perfect binder, it runs at speeds of up to 525 cycles/hour and is capable of binding a wide range of materials with a maximum booklet size of 360mm x 320mm and a minimum size of 120mm x 120mm.  Cover sheet sizes range from 120mm x 250mm to 374mm x 696mm.

The versatility of the fully automated perfect binder results in a reduction in set-up times and costs, making it perfect for short run and variable print as well as longer runs.  One of the machine’s best features is its easy-to-use touch-screen control, which facilitates a 35-second set-up between programs, resulting in a book-bound quality finish with minimal operator skills.

Operators can select from one of 20 available job memories and other in-built features controlled from the touch screen include automatic glue pressure control, glue spine length control, double cover detection, book thickness sensor, incorrect book block sensor, and four automatic score positions, to ensure precision, accuracy and efficiency. Fine adjustments from 0,1mm can also be easily made to all book parameters and changes are stored within the touch screen control.

A built-in stacker ensures that a neat and unmarked book is perfectly presented on to the spine. A 200mm capacity allows for continuous production, and a ‘Stack Full’ sensor indicates to the operator when the books need to be removed.
‘It’s easy to see the benefits of the Duplo PUR binder in our print shop,’ remarks Niran. ‘Firstly, its compact design means that it doesn’t need a large stand space. We can bind small book quantities that are very cost efficient – something our customers are excited about – and, without stitching, it’s a quicker process with high strength and flexibility, and better lay-flat. It’s also easy to operate; several employees can learn how to access the programs and it becomes flexible to manage.
Our digital department is now complete, and I believe we’re in a position to offer customers cost-effective, value-added print media of the highest quality,’ concludes Niran.

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