BOBST continues the renewal of its range of folder-gluers with the Masterfold 170, 230, 300 and 350 for N-, F-, E-, B- and C-flute corrugated and double-wall board. Faithful to its commitment to customers and its objective to develop powerful solutions to meet industry needs, Bobst recently presented this development at its Swiss Competence Centre.

The Masterfold folder-gluer was conceived with high productivity in mind, while taking into account the need to cope with short runs, and to offer process versatility and product quality. Its construction is particularly rigid, making it possible to produce all types of boxes, while a new automatic packer will soon be available to supplement the machine.

Accuwave, a new system of folding, makes it possible to produce four and six corner boxes, as well as crashlock bottom cartons, without the need for mechanical hooks. This innovation delivers high-speed production with no marking of boxes, along with improved reliability, low noise levels and simplicity of adjustment – particularly for boxes with windows.

Bobst has optimised the Masterfold’s operation, and has included basic features such as strategically-placed cameras inside the machine, to allow constant monitoring of production via a video monitor at the feeder; a jam prevention system, using photocells; motorised folding belts with operator side controls, to allow adjustment without the need to stop the machine; high-quality integrated gluing systems, from any of Bobst’s gluing system partners, giving ease of use; and integrated partial prebreaking.

Machine operators now benefit from a new CUBE 3 interface which has a large screen on which the principal commands are grouped, aiding ease of use.The video monitoring system covers the length of the machine using four cameras and one screen while, for operator safety, there’s physical protection of the compression zone and safety doors to block access when the machine is running.

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