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Unlimited first impressions

While it’s often said that we only get one chance at a first impression in life, Glass Decorations challenges this notion in the packaging industry. 

The team believes that there are unlimited opportunities for creating those all-important first impressions, especially through the magic of special or limited-edition packaging.

Limited edition packaging carries with it a unique allure – an exclusivity effect that draws consumers in and leaves a lasting impact. It’s the secret ingredient that can inject excitement and breathe new life into established brands. In a world where consumers are constantly seeking novelty and freshness, limited edition packaging provides a dynamic avenue to engage with them. 

Collaboration in excellence

One stellar example of this approach is the partnership between Glass Decorations and the innovative Time Anchor Distillery. Time Anchor, as the first distillery in Johannesburg, has always been a pioneer, blending heritage with modern artistry to craft spirits that stand out in a crowded market.

Its collaboration with Glass Decorations began in 2021, a union that has blossomed into a remarkable journey of creativity, innovation and packaging excellence. The Mirari Christmas Edition 2022 range, born from this partnership, has garnered well-deserved recognition. It has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious Gold Pack 2023 Awards – a testament to the power of combining design, craftmanship and packaging to create a remarkable first impression.

At your service

Glass Decorations offers a range of value-added techniques and equipment that can transform ordinary bottles into extraordinary showcases. These techniques include colour coating, printed artworks, foiling elements and sleeving. Whether it’s creating brand new limited-edition packs or subtly modifying existing ones for special occasions. Glass Decorations provides the means to give packaging an instant makeover. Time Anchor Distillery’s journey with Glass Decorations began with the launch of its ground-breaking light gin range. The intricate designs and unique bottle shape required a printer who could meet the challenge, and Glass Decorations exceeded the brand’s expectations.

Over the years, this collaboration has matured, allowing even the most complex bottle designs to come to life seamlessly. 

Time Anchor Distillery has experienced numerous benefits from its partnership with Glass Decorations. The printer’s ability to handle detailed and intricate designs, coupled with the challenges posed by unique bottle shapes, has been crucial in bringing Time Anchor’s vision to life.

Glass Decorations’ technical prowess and innovative approach have helped their products consistently stand out on store shelves, aligning perfectly with the Time Anchor’s ethos of pushing boundaries.

At your service

Beyond providing top-tier printing services, Glass Decorations has demonstrated unwavering dedication to understanding the technical challenges posed by Time Anchor’s design. The company’s proactive approach, offering insights and suggestions, has been instrumental in refining concepts. Glass Decorations’ willingness to explore new techniques and work closely with customers ensure that every design challenge is met head-on. 

Time Anchor Distillery’s journey with Glass Decorations has been nothing short of exceptional. This partnership has not only enriched the spirits industry but also expanded the horizons of what’s possible in packaging design.

With Glass Decorations as a trusted partner, Time Anchor is confident that no vision is too complex, and no idea too ambitious. The team has found in Glass Decorations not just a supplier, but an extension of the Time Anchor family. 

In a world where first impressions are everything, limited edition packaging crafted with care and innovation becomes a brand’s secret weapon, creating lasting memories and forging deep connections with consumers.

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