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EB or UV curing – what's the difference?

Electron beam (EB) and ultraviolet (UV) chemistries are based on similar reaction principles and typically grouped together as 'energy-curable' technologies.

Printers turn to such curable technologies for their lack of volatile organic compounds, low energy consumption, low heat requirements, speciality finishing effects and suitability for a variety of substrates. But why chose one above the other? And what about UV-LED? What are the relative merits?

This debate is in PPM's spotlight in May. Please let us have your views.


Gravure innovation and sustainability

For the gravure industry, keeping pace with global changes in brand owners' and consumers' expectations is resulting in constant evolution and innovation – not only among press manufacturers but also among prepress players and suppliers of on-press equipment and consumables.

PPM examines such developments in the May issue and welcomes contributions.


What's new in packaging adhesives?

The market for packaging adhesives continues to grow, fuelled by factors such as improved tackiness, handling strength, curing conditions, peel stress and expanding temperature ranges.

Traditionally, the major slice of the packaging adhesives market has come from corrugated board operations, but flexible packaging is now emerging as the fastest growing application area, driven largely by the food and beverage industry and increasing consumer awareness of food safety.

Expansion and new product launches are among developments from market players, and these are being tracked in PPM's May edition.


Product decoration – direct printing vs labelling


Meeting today’s focus on brand differentiation, product decoration can be achieved in several ways – for instance plastic tubs for the dairy industry can be offset printed or in-mould labelled. But those are not by any means the only choices facing brand owners.

Matters related to direct printing and/or labelling will be reviewed in the May issue of PPM. Comments are welcome.


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Personal care for men: what's driving packaging growth?

Men’s cosmetics are one of the biggest growth markets in today's bodycare sector. Researchers value its global turnover at more than US$ 47-billion.

Packaging, too, has changed with the development of this male target group. When it comes to gender marketing and packaging, men have different expectations from women. Shape, size and material play decisive roles, as do surface textures, colours or ornamentation.

This topic is under discussion in PPM's May edition. Let us have your news.


Wine and spirits packaging – what are the trends?

Among the many packaging formats for wine, the relative merits of corks and screw caps have probably excited the most debate! Gone are the days when screw caps were used just for cheap vino. Today, bottles of very good wines are unscrewed, rather than uncorked.

But such closures don't only offer convenience and heightened aesthetics, they also provide security against counterfeiting and tampering – two ever-growing concerns for producers and consumers alike.

However, this is just one aspect of wine and spirits packaging … other topics in PPM's sights in the May issue include developments in liquid packaging formats, filling equipment, labelling trends, and other decoration methods.

Contributions to any of these topics are welcome for inclusion in this news round-up.


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